Percival Pembroke


Darklands (Herhalen, 2017)

Arpeggiatorworld++ (Genot Centre, 2017)

Arpeggiatorworld (Self-released, 2016)

Pembroke Autumn/Winter Catalog (Beer On The Rug, 2015)

Concurrent 386 (Self-released, 2015)

Vitality Suite (Self-released, 2014)

A Course In The Theory Of Drones (Genot Centre, 2014)

Twilight Struggle (Self-released, 2013)


"Klasky" on World's Ambient (Onmyōdō Cassette, 2017)

"ШИШКИН ЛЕС (Percival Pembroke Remix)" on Divine Herba: Extended (Genot Centre, 2016)

"End Of Tradition" on Traditions, Vol. II (Memory No. 36, 2016)

"Complex Playground (Percival Pembroke Remix)" on REMIX PLAYGROUND (Beer On The Rug, 2015)

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